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We at Geneva Woods Birth Center believe that wearing your baby is beneficial for all involved. Babies who are worn frequently by their parents or caregivers are calmer, and benefit from exposure to their parents’ activities and conversations, and the close proximity to their parents. This then results in improved bonding, more interaction and stimulation for their growing brain, and greatly enhanced speech development in baby. Parents benefit from having two free hands with which to do things around the house, as well as the soothing effect that being worn have on the baby.

We stock a variety of carriers, many of which are not found elsewhere in Anchorage. We have carriers that can be used for infants and children up to 45 lbs, such as the Lenny Lamb Soft Structured Carriers and Didymos Woven Wraps. We also offer Didymos woven Ring Slings and Sakura Silk Ring Slings, as well as Organic, Bamboo, and Patterned Moby wraps.

We also carry “It’s You, Babe” pregnant support devices, for women who are experiencing back pain, SI joint pain, or need some extra support for their belly. Our boutique also offers Motherlove products for nursing moms, including the Motherlove Nipple Cream and Rhoid Balm.

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Lenny Lamb
These soft structured buckle carriers are made in Poland from fine woven fabric. Lenny’s are known worldwide for their gorgeous, creative designs and colors, as well as the softness of their fabric. They are adjustable for many body types and sizes, and can hold infants and toddlers up to 45 lbs. They are quick and easy to put on, and are the perfect carrier for those who want to wear their baby in a comfortable and fashionable carrier without having to deal with yards of fabric and different tying techniques. WAY more fun than the beige-colored Ergo! They are machine-washable on gentle, cold cycle.

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Stretchy wraps are perfect for bonding with your newborn. They are less intimidating for those new to babywearing because the baby can be placed inside them after tying it on, and similarly, the baby can be removed from the carrier while it’s still tied on. A great choice for smaller babies, but works well up to fifteen pounds. We carry Organic, Printed, and (the super soft) Bamboo styles in addition to the Classic. We stock mostly neutral colors in the Moby, for those who want a carrier that goes with everything and doesn’t make its own fashion statement.

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Hailing from Germany, where their wraps are still made, Didymos has been a pioneer of modern babywearing as we know it. Their woven wraps and ring slings are of nearly unparalleled quality and beauty. The woven wrap, while requiring some instruction to use, is the most versatile kind of carrier, since it can be used for front, back and hip carries. These slings will bring you from birth to toddlerhood with softness, support and ease, supporting a child up to 35 lbs. We’ve got Lisca’s, Indio’s, and a variety of beautiful patterns, including many neutrals.

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Sakura Bloom
Crafted from two layers of hand-loomed silk which originates from mulberry trees in India. Silks are grippy, strong, supportive, and breathable. A classic choice for keeping your baby close. They are machine washable on gentle, cold cycle, and should be hung to dry. They even become softer with each washing. We carry a variety of neutral colors in these slings.

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