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"Your Birth, Your Way"

Geneva Woods Birth Center is a place where you can have “your birth, your way.” You can burn candles, play music, bring your kids, bring your family and friends, videotape, eat, drink, use aromatherapy and massage, move about freely (with no IV unless indicated), be in the water… pretty much anything you want. At our birth center you have more uninterrupted family time with your baby than you would at a hospital. We never separate you from your baby, with the midwife performing the newborn exam on the bed with you, and weighing them on a scale near you.

Intermittent Fetal Monitoring
If you want to birth your baby naturally, the best environment is one in which you are fully supported emotionally and physically, but not “messed with.” In the hospital you would be required (by the hospital) to have at least a certain amount of continuous fetal monitoring. Providence is a tertiary care facility that receives a lot of high-risk patients from around the state, and their staff is excellent at assisting providers with women who have complications in their pregnancies, labor, and postpartum period. However, this high-risk environment with its extensive fetal monitoring policies and protocols, is not conducive to a woman’s goal of a natural birth with no interventions. Continuous fetal monitoring has been shown in a large number of studies (see here and here) to increase the Cesarean section rate without improving outcomes for mothers and babies.

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