Our Classes

We highly recommend that families prepare for childbirth by taking classes, especially if it is your first baby, your partner’s first baby, or if your previous delivery was very different than what you are hoping for with your current pregnancy. All of our classes are open to the community, so one does not have to be a client of our clinic and/or birth center in order to attend. All classes must be pre-paid at time of sign-up but we can file a claim to your insurance after you’ve completed the class upon request. All prices below are for one or both participants for the entire series or session. Call us at 561-2626 for more details or to sign up!

Class Calendar

Basic Childbirth Education Classes: $145

We offer a 4 – 5 night class that covers the physiology of childbirth, an overview of the entire labor process, and postpartum care of both yourself and your newborn. This series covers a variety of topics including: learning relaxation and breathing techniques for labor, understanding the signs of impending labor, determining between true and false labor, and becoming familiar with the phases of labor. You’ll also learn about Kegel exercises, stretching exercises, breastfeeding and newborn care. We’ll also discuss C-Sections and medical interventions, as well as the role of a support person in labor over the course of the sessions.

“The Fourth Trimester”: Breastfeeding, Baby-wearing, and More: $65

In this one evening, 2.5-hour class, we cover the basics and strategies for successful breastfeeding of your baby. You will learn about the physiology of breastfeeding, techniques and various holds, looking for a proper latch, pumping and storage, and learning how to tell if your baby is getting enough milk. We also demonstrate the different ways you can hold your baby and discuss different carriers. You will learn how to take care of your body as you recover from childbirth, and learn what is normal to feel and experience versus what necessitates a visit to your provider. Like the Basic class this class also delves into newborn care including swaddling and soothing techniques. Partners are invited and encouraged to attend to learn how they can be supportive and helpful.

“Back-To-Work” Breastfeeding Class: $45

This one-evening class is aimed at helping women who are transitioning back to a full-time or part-time job outside the home and want to continue breastfeeding exlusively. The ideal time to take this class is anywhere between two and twelve weeks postpartum, or whenever you plan to return to work. ‘Babes in arms’ or in carriers are welcome. If class timing doesn’t work for you to attend after baby you can always come shortly before your due date as well. This class will cover the difficulties that are frequently encountered upon returning to work, including sleep patterns, night-nursing, giving bottles, pumping and storing milk, and transitioning to daycare.

Hypnosis for Your Birth Work: $250

This is a very popular class that teaches both you and your partner how to use hypnosis to relax and stay calm throughout your birth work. You will learn techniques that you can use well beyond your birth as an everyday coping tool to deal with stress of all kinds. Your partner will learn how to guide you into a state of deep and soothing relaxation and how to keep you there despite distractions so that you can focus completely on your birth work. You and your partner will work together to develop a fully customized plan complete with pocket notes, a birth space design and birth plan and scripts that the two of you have customized for them to use with you to help guide you into a calm and relaxed state.

Our Instructors

Janie Sandberg is ICEA

Janie Sandberg is certified and has been teaching childbirth education for over 30 years. She teaches classes at Providence as well as here at Geneva Woods Midwifery and Birth Center. She has 3 children and 2 grandchildren. She welcomes questions about the classes at 907-242-6890.

Jennifer Allison, LPN

Jennifer Allison has been working with women during the childbearing years since 2002 as a nurse, doula, and childbirth educator. She believes implicitly that offering evidence-based holistic and creative support allows women to birth and parent in empowerment, and it honors and acknowledges the transition and profound shift that occurs during pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period and encourages optimal growth.

She strives for ongoing education and professional development, and has much to offer in experience based knowledge that spans the spectrum from preconception to the postpartum period. She has four children, and has herself birthed in hospital, and out of hospital settings, including home and birth center. She considers her work an honor, privilege and her dream job. She welcomes inquiries about classes at

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