group support

Before Baby

We offer a class called “The Fourth Trimester,” that covers a lot of great information on breastfeeding to prepare you to nurse your newborn exclusively. In this one session, 2.5-3 hour class uou will learn about the physiology of breastfeeding, techniques and various holds, how to properly latch, pumping and storage, and how to tell if your baby is getting enough milk. We also demonstrate the different ways you can hold and wear your baby, and discuss different carriers. You will learn how to take care of your body as you recover from childbirth, and learn what is normal to feel and experience versus what necessitates a visit to your provider. This class also delves into newborn care, including swaddling and soothing techniques. Partners are invited and encouraged to attend to learn how they can be supportive and helpful.

After Baby

We host a “Breastfeeding Café” in our office every Friday afternoon from 1-2:30. This is open to all nursing moms, and is a great opportunity to come and meet new friends, weigh your baby for free, and get questions answered by other moms and/or a provider with lactation training. Lactation tea and cookies served.

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