gyn / well-women services

Annual Exams or “the Yearly”
These visits are now paid at 100% benefits (in network) by insurance companies, and are also covered by Tricare and Family Medicaid.

This visit includes a pap if needed, mammogram referral if appropriate, and some basic blood tests as indicated… But yearly exams are more than tests! They are a chance to talk about many other things such as exercise, diet, relationships, and stress, and any other health concerns you might have. It is an opportunity to review your risk for various diseases such as cancer, or infections, and suggest appropriate screening as needed. It is also a chance to develop a relationship with a health care provider who can help with most basic health concerns on an ongoing or urgent basis, and refer you to a specialist when needed.

Birth Control & Family Planning
Our providers can counsel you on which method of family planning is right for you and your partner. We can prescribe birth control pills, and fit for diaphragms and cervical caps. Our providers are skilled in IUD (Mirena™ and Paragard™) and Nexplanon™ insertions, for those interested in ‘long-acting reversible contraception,’ and can counsel you on the many different sterilization options if you are seeking something more permanent. They are also both very knowledgeable about all of the natural family planning and ovulation prediction techniques for those who prefer that approach.

Pre-Conception Counseling and/or Fertility Issues
For those planning a pregnancy it can be very helpful to meet with a provider to discuss your menstrual cycles, identify your fertile times, learn what things to avoid in early pregnancy, and discuss immunity to various diseases and test for immunity as needed. There are tests to ascertain whether you are a carrier of certain genetic conditions such as Cystic Fibrosis, which may be relevant to some people based on their family history, and on which our providers can give you more information or referrals as needed.

Infection Screening & Treatment
We can test for urinary tract infections, vaginal infections such as yeast and BV, and sexually transmitted infections. NP’s can also see people for upper respiratory problems, influenza, and basic skin infections. We endeavor to squeeze our established clients in on a same-day basis if they have a pressing issue such as an infection, so we encourage our clients to call us before going to an Urgent Care.

Menopausal Symptoms & Treatment
We can provide counseling for dealing with menopausal symptoms including alternative therapies and hormone replacement prescriptions.

Abnormal Menstrual Bleeding
We can see women of all ages for bleeding issues such as absent or too-frequent periods, or periods that are too heavy or painful. If imaging is needed to diagnose the cause we can either refer you for the appropriate tests or sometimes provide imaging in our office with our in-house radiologist.

Cancer Screening
Our NP’s will do your pap smear, your clinical breast exam, and feel your thyroid at your visit. We can order mammograms, breast ultrasound, or breast MRI if needed. For those that need further diagnostic testing, our in-house radiologist can also perform breast ultrasounds, breast biopsies, and thyroid biopsies in the comfort of our clinic, without the additional hospital facility fee that would be billed to your insurance for a hospital-based biopsy, or we can refer those studies to your PPO hospital for you as well if you prefer. Our NP’s can discuss with you the variety of genetic screening blood tests available to ascertain increased cancer risk, and help you decide which of those, if any, are right for you. They can also refer you to a genetic counselor for a more in-depth analysis to see if you have an increased risk of any cancers based on your family history.

Basic Family Practice Care
Our NP’s can provide services such as diagnosis and treatment of hypertension, thyroid disease, headaches, asthma/allergies and provide skin tag and wart removal. Depending on the severity of the condition we may be able to manage your care and medications in our office, or we can refer you to an appropriate specialist for further care.

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