Our Lactation Providers

Kimberly Spence-Jensen, APRN, CNM, IBCLC

Kimberly joined our practice as a midwife and lactation consultant in February, 2019. She received her MSN degree from Emory University in December 2018. Kimberly is originally from North Carolina where she studied human biology and lactation consulting. She received her MSN degree from Emory University in December 2018. She worked at UNC Womens’ Hospital for several years supporting women as they met their breastfeeding goals and working with infants in NICU as they grew and learned to eat. In order to expand her ability to serve women at this unique time in their lives she moved to Atlanta to attend Emory University for nurse midwifery. In Georgia, she was able to work as a nurse at the Atlanta Birth Center and there learned what it means to be “with women.” Ultimately, she aspires to honor physiologic birth, reduce maternal mortality around the world and walk with women from preconception through breastfeeding and beyond.

Jennifer Allison, LPN, LCS

Jennifer Allison is one of our office nurses, and is also a childbirth class instructor, teaching our “Fourth Trimester” class, which focuses largely on breastfeeding but touches on many other postpartum and newborn topics, as well as her own “Hypnosis for Birthwork” curriculum for natural childbirth preparation. She will be sitting for the IBCLC board exam in April, 2019, and is over the moon to be so close to fulfilling her dream of becoming a lactation consultant. She has been helping moms and babies breastfeed in her many roles over the last 17+ years, as a nurse, birth assistant, doula, class instructor, and most recently, Certified Lactation Specialist. She has breastfed her 4 children, and her passion for helping women feed their babies with breastmilk – however that happens to look – is practically unparalleled.

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