One-on-One Support

Before Baby

We highly recommend a consultation with a lactation consult before giving birth for women with some specific conditions, or for women who want to be proactive about making sure that this breastfeeding relationship with their newborn gets off on the best foot possible after past difficulties nursing. Women who have had breast reduction surgery, women who have gestational diabetes, and women expecting multiples should strongly consider seeing a lactation consult before baby arrives. This is billed to insurance as an office visit, and while it might go to deductible, is always covered by insurance.

After Baby

We offer office visits to all women seeking help with breastfeeding, and all payers cover this service, including Medicaid and Tricare. We also welcome clients who did not birth with our practice, and have availability for appointments on 1-2 days’ notice, since we know the importance of timely help with breastfeeding issues! We can help every mom with latch, positioning issues, feeding plans and patterns, weening off a nipple shield or bottle, pumping, returning to work, milk storage, engorgement, alternative feeding methods when indicated, as well as medications, contraception, and nutrition when nursing. We can help with the problems that can arise with breastfeeding, such as mastitis, plugged ducts, delayed lactation, over- or under-supply, yeast, nipple and/or breast pain or abnormalities, vasospasm, and issues arising from breast augmentation or reduction. We can also help with problems or difficulties posed by the infant, such as prematurity, sleepiness at the breast, over-stimulation, slow- or under-feeding, and possible tongue or lip ties. As a practice of Nurse Practitioners/Nurse Midwives, we can prescribe whatever you and/or baby may need, so care for both mom and baby is seamless and fully integrated.

As your baby gets older, grows teeth, and begins to eat solids, you may encounter new difficulties, with which a lactation consultant can help. We want to help you meet our breastfeeding goals, for whatever length of time you desire.

We offer home visits within the first month for the same problems listed above, depending on insurance coverage, acceptance of fees, and scheduling availability. We know how hard it can be to strap your newborn in the car seat and leave the house in those first few weeks, so we can come to you!

Whether it’s a home visit or office visit, we always provide care with the whole person in mind, meaning we see the big picture of how breastfeeding integrates into your life, and we allow for time in visits to discuss your individual lactation goals, sleep, hydration, nutrition, stress, other children, and any other factors that affect your breastfeeding relationship.

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