postpartum care

Care For Mom and Baby

In addition to a longer postpartum stay in the center if you choose, the midwives or nurses do a home visit the next day to check on both you and the baby. Even if you live in Eagle River or Girdwood! We also have a midwife who works in our office and does home visits for us in the valley.

Screening and Testing
We send all the pertinent information regarding your baby’s health to your chosen pediatrician after birth and as test results are received in our office (Newborn Metabolic Screening). We perform the Critical Congenital Heart Disease screening in your home at 24-36 hours which is a simple test (required by the State since 1/1/14) using a pulse oximeter to see your baby’s oxygen saturation. And we will screen your baby for a hearing loss in our office at two weeks postpartum.

We have midwives and nurses who can help you with basic breastfeeding problems and will see you in the first week if you develop sore nipples or ‘latch’ problems. So, you have a minimum of three, and often four, postpartum contacts in the first 6 weeks after giving birth. We try to identify problems such as sore nipple or post partum blues as quickly as possible to get you the help you need in a timely manner.

6-Week Visit
At the 6-week visit we will do a pap smear if one is needed, provide a wide array of birth control options, and then we hope to see our clients back for an annual exam a year from this point. But if something comes up sooner, we can most likely provide additional care as needed.

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