“… Thank you all for helping to create such a warm, caring environment for some of life’s most exciting, fearful, & precious moments. I am proud to tell others about Geneva Woods and our experiences here… You really do create an atmosphere of peace into which we – and many others, have brought our little ones.” -- Liz L, 2014

“Thank you to everyone at Geneva Woods that helped make my first birthing experience so positive and empowering. I can always look back and appreciate the confidence I’ve gained from giving birth naturally through all your care and encouragement.” – Mia H, 2014

“Thank you so much for everything you do. My pregnancy and birth were perfect because of the loving guidance and help. A special thank you to Barbara, Trish & Jess who attended my birth; you all were absolutely wonderful and I had the perfect birth experience with your help.” – Candice S, 2014

“I’m incredibly thankful Laurie dragged me through your doors! It meant so much to her that she could VBAC, and that had everything to do with your support and efforts. Thank you! In the end it was more than a means to an end. I couldn’t be more sold on midwifery. What you all do is amazing and your office is a great credit to your profession and calling…” -Tylen S, 2012

“Well, I must say that this birth was an incredible experience! My daughter did an incredible job laboring, pushing and delivering, and she deserves so much credit! I honestly can’t believe how strong she was! However, credit must be given to all of you! Your sense of calm, your attention to Jennie, your knowledge and devotion to this job made me look at natural births in such a different way.” -- Pam, once-skeptical mother of Jennifer P, 2013

“… My only regret is that I didn’t listen to my wife and start our prenatal care with Geneva Woods Birth Center. While I have no complaints about the service we received from our previous provider, it did not compare to the attention we received (and continue to receive) from your group. When we changed from a traditional hospital setting to your clinic it felt like we went from being customers to being part of a family… Unfortunately we had to have our child in the hospital due to his being extra stubborn, but having you in our corner was the peace of mind we needed throughout the 38 hours it took. The level of confidence you inspire is truly priceless. As hospital staff came and went, our constant was you…” -- David H, happy husband & dad, 2013

“Barb, I know I’ve told you about a million times how much I appreciate you but you are awesome! I know that you say it’s the midwifery philosophy but I just feel really lucky to have had the opportunity to work with you! I totally trusted you and have the utmost respect for you… Thank you so much for all of your patience, understanding and help through all of the pregnancies!!” – Kristi W, 2007

“Thanks to all for being so helpful and supportive throughout our entire pregnancy (and after). Barb, thanks for guiding me through my “adventure.” You’re all wonderful and we appreciate all that you do! – Amee F, 2005

“Barbara, thank you for everything with the birth of Marius. We really appreciate everything that you did for a successful VBAC” – Shawn L, 2004

“To my favorite, classy, no-nonsense midwife, Thank you for making the births of my last two little guys so easy… You are definitely more than just a great health care provider…” – Yuki H, 2000, to Barbara

“… We just love our little family and want to thank you for making the birth of our babies such a wonderful experience. We wouldn’t trust it to anyone else!” – Ginger G, 2002

“Barbara, we feel so very blessed to have been in your care during our pregnancy and during the birth of our son Jackson! Thank you for your strong presence, your care, concern, & warmth. We so much wanted to experience the birth process and we thank you for all you did to make it a birth instead of a delivery.” – Kelli W, 2002.

“At Geneva Woods I didn’t have to re-explain my medical history over and over again. I felt understood, cared about and safe. My path towards finding my ideal labor and delivery experience took me 6 years and 3 deliveries but I finally figured out exactly what I wanted and how I wanted to be treated. My experience has empowered me to reach out to other moms who are unsure about their prenatal choices. I’m in danger of becoming that preachy birth-nut who is always telling everyone…don’t settle! The birth experience of your dreams is out there. You just have to look. I know, because I found mine” - Carrie 2016

“This place is absolutely perfect. The staff are amazing and so personable and really make it a great experience. There is so much knowledge within these walls I never once doubted a single recommendation. I'm so grateful for all of the ladies at Geneva Woods for giving my family and me a perfect birthing experience”. - Jenny 2016

“This was one of the few practices in town that I could find to fully support a VBAC. Barbara met me as soon as I arrived at Providence and stayed with me the entire time. The new center is beautiful and all the staff go out of their way to help and get to know you. I would highly recommend Geneva Woods to anyone who is looking for a positive birth experience, or for any reproductive health care needs.” - Romy 2016

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