The birth center

Family Room

Our family area is cozy and comfortable. We have toys and books for kids, and a microwave, hot pot, coffee machine and fridge for family use. We encourage women to eat and drink freely in labor as well as before going home with their newborn.

The Hummingbird Room

The Hummingbird Room faces East 42nd, and with its higher ceilings and large windows it is by far the lightest and airiest room - but can also be made very cozy with the shades drawn and the fireplace-style heater turned on.

The Hummingbird Room bathroom features a large shower with an endless supply of hot water, as well as a bidet.

The Swallow Room

The Swallow Room has its own shower and private restroom. We do ultrasounds and non-stress tests in here, as well as breastfeeding support visits, and we can also use it as a "step down" room for families wishing to stay a little longer than normal after discharge.

The Ptarmigan Room

The Ptarmigan Room has a queen bed, tub, and bathroom with shower and bidet. This room is comfortable and cozy, with a south-facing view of the many trees that surround our birth center.

The Ptarmigan Room also has a shower and bidet. Using a birth ball in the shower is a great way to ease the intensity of the contractions and also opens up the pelvis.

The Ptarmigan Room with a view into the bathroom. Patients love this egg-shaped tub in the Ptarmigan room. It's the perfect size and shape for laboring and giving birth in comfort.

Nitronox Relaxation During Labor
We added an electric fireplace heater to the Ptarmigan room as well, since it had proved so popular in the Hummingbird room. The Nitronox unit can go into either room, and bring relaxation and relief during those tough moments in labor where you "hit the wall." Nitrous has no effects on baby and it is cleared from mom's system in a matter of minutes after breathing room air. It has been widely used in Europe for labor pain relief for close to four decades, so its safety and efficacy is well-documented.

Neopuff Infant Resuscitation

We are the only birth center in Anchorage with a "Neopuff" infant resuscitation system. This is what major hospitals use, as it allows for greater control of the pressure into the baby's lungs as well as the ability to mix oxygen and room air in any proportion desired. Fewer than 1% of infants require resuscitation, but if and when the need arises, wouldn't you want the best system available?"

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