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Geneva Woods Birth Center & Midwifery Testimonials

Read below to find out what some of the women and families who have trusted us throughout their journey have to say.

I am SO grateful we chose these midwives and this midwifery. I had personally never had any experience with a midwife before, and, admittedly I was a little skeptical at first, given that i was raised in a family of doctors, dentists, and lawyers. We had a chance to meet all of the midwives during our process, who were all stellar, and we were lucky enough to have our labor and delivery undertaken with Molly and Camille. (They) made the right decisions every step of the way. They kept us informed, and their availability was outstanding! I have a happy, healthy, little baby girl, and I'm so happy I chose these professionals. I strongly recommend this midwifery above all others. If I could give 10 stars, I would.

Blake F. Q.

I had my son at GWBC a little over a year ago, and it was such an incredible, powerful, and beautiful experience! The midwifery team I had was so wonderful, and I felt so confident and safe in their care. This was my first birth and I greatly appreciated the time the midwives spent with me during my appointments. I actually never saw a nurse or medical assistant, the appointments were 100% with the midwife. I would absolutely recommend this birth center and team of midwives to any mothers looking to take their birth experience outside of the hospital.

McKenna W.

We experienced prenatal care from both hospitals and Geneva Woods. We found the providers at the latter were far more thorough, attentive, knowledgeable and caring. It was nice to have someone always available to answer any questions or concerns. It was important that we knew the person who was going to deliver our baby versus what we might find in a standard obstetrician's practice. During birth itself, the midwives were helpful when needed but also knew when to step back and give us space. The room was incredibly comfortable and had all the amenities my partner could have wanted for delivering a baby. If you have a low-risk pregnancy and are hoping for minimal interventions, this is an excellent option. If we have another baby, we would have it here in a heartbeat.

Griffin H.

Can't speak highly enough about Geneva Woods Birth Center. I switched to the center about halfway through my pregnancy and I'm so glad I did. They had my back from everyday pregnancy concerns to serious issues during my hospital delivery and everything in between. They explained things clearly, presented options, and offered excellent follow-up care. And at my 6-week checkup, they focused on my personal wellness in a way that I deeply appreciated. Bottom line: I received fantastic care during the most intense experiences of my life! Go here!

Amanda D.

I gave birth at Geneva Woods Birth Center in July 2018. This was my second child and a completely different experience from an OB pregnancy and hospital birth. The midwives spend so much more time with you during prenatal appointments and really get to know everything about you. They welcome partners and older siblings at appointments. It was a joy to go to appointments, not a chore.


The midwives have a very evidence-based approach to care. Everything is your choice but they can give plenty of information for why they make suggestions.


Giving birth at Geneva Woods was the best experience of my life! I felt so supported by the midwives and nurses. If I choose to have another child, there is nowhere else I will go!

Colleen H.

My husband and I welcomed our first baby girl with the help of the wonderful staff at Geneva Woods Birth Center in July 2019. We can't say enough wonderful things about all of the women we worked with there. We received such personalized, supportive care, which made our experience being pregnant and giving birth incredibly positive. Each midwife we met with while pregnant made us feel informed and like we were doing all we could to have a safe and calm delivery.


We are so grateful to everyone at Geneva Woods and will definitely be back when it's time for baby #2 Thank you ladies so much - we can never truly explain how grateful we are!

Lesley P.

Geneva Woods Birthing Center is one of the best experiences I have ever had with healthcare. They are very receptive to their patients needs and do a wonderful job answering questions. We had an amazing birth experience here! All the staff and midwives are compassionate and provide the best care possible! For our next birth, we will definitely be -going back to Geneva Woods!

Bethany F.

Two of my three children have been born at Geneva Woods. I wish my first had been born there, too! Compared to the hospital experience, GW is much more personal, caring, and just as competent. I am not treated as a patient at GW; I am treated as a person. That difference is critical, not just during labor, but also at prenatal visits and postnatal checkups.


I have recommended GW to my family members and friends, and several have had babies born there. All have been pleased and would return. If my husband and I have another child, we will definitely choose GW again.

Leah R.

I love this team and would go nowhere else for my pregancies. Unfortunately, I have not given birth at GW due to unforeseen last min complications in both labors. The care I received in prenatal visits, during labor and delivery (the midwives delivered both of my children at Providence hospital and represented my desires strongly to the staff there), and beyond has been exceptional.


I plan to continue my relationship with these incredible woman for all my gynecological needs and family planning into the future.

Meegan M.
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