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Classes and Events at Geneva Woods Birth Center

We highly recommend that families prepare for childbirth by taking classes, especially if it is your first baby, your partner’s first baby, or if your previous delivery was very different than what you are hoping for with your current pregnancy. All of our classes are open to the community, so one does not have to be a client of our clinic and/or birth center in order to attend. All classes must be pre-paid at time of sign-up, and each class's cancellation and refund policy is spelled out in the sign-up process prior to payment.  All prices shown in each event are for one or both participants* for the entire series or session. *We encourage you to bring a 'birth partner' (e.g. parent, sister, friend, doula, etc.) to any of these classes if you don't have a romantic partner.


Call us at 907-561-2626 for more details, or click the link in each event to sign up!

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