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Mental health support and counseling in Anchorage

It’s Time For a Happier You

We have Licensed Professional Counselor Jasmine Porter here at the Nest, seeing clients for 60-minute visits on Wednesdays and Fridays.  She provides in-person and telehealth visits to individuals, couples, and families. 

Medication Management

Our Nurse Practitioners are trained in the pharmaceutical management of anxiety and depression, and can manage clients on a variety of SSRIs and SNRIs. They can make a diagnosis of the different forms of anxiety and depression, and can help clients choose medications, and/or make lifestyle changes (relating to sleep, exercise, diet and supplements). They cannot provide counseling or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, so we always recommend that clients have a relationship with a counselor when taking mental health medications. Some of our clinicians have additional training in the management of ADHD medications, though their training does not extend to making an ADHD diagnosis. Clients in the care of non-prescribing clinicians, such as a PsyD, LPC, LCSW, LMFT, for anxiety and/or depression, are welcome to establish care for medication management with our practice.

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