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Sexual Health and Contraception

Sexual Health is so much more than STI testing!

Sexual Health - to us - means helping each and every client who seeks our help in this area pursue an enjoyable and fulfilling sex life, whatever that means for them. What that can look like in the clinical settings is the following:

  • Comprehensive physical exams to find possible external and internal physical causes of pain with sexual activity such as intercourse, for those who suffer from dyspareunia or other, similar pain​

  • Internal pelvic floor PT referrals to our PTs who are very experienced with all musculoskeletal (and often neurological) forms of pelvic pain and their treatment, including pain with intercourse (such as vaginismus), and pain in the genitals not related to intercourse, such as vulvodynia and vestibulodynia.

  • A holistic approach to anorgasmia, combining physical exam for possible anatomical issues such as clitoral adhesions, pelvic PT for relaxation and/or muscle coordination, and behavioral/psychological approaches.

  • A holistic approach to low sexual desire or hypoactive libido, which can include lifestyle/relationship changes, individual or couples counseling, pharmaceuticals, and many other treatment options.

  • Counseling with a Licensed Professional Counselor who is specializing her practice around reproductive and sexual mental health.

  • Screening and treatment for STIs, counseling around risk and behavior from a sex-positive and non-judgmental perspective.

  • Age-appropriate counseling of teens and pre-teens about puberty,  sexual activity, contraception options, relationship safety and consent, and many other topics that teens may or may not be comfortable discussing with parents or their pediatricians.

All of our providers are Nurse Practitioners who offer the following forms of birth control:

  • All IUDs

    • Hormonal IUDs: Mirena, Liletta, Skyla, Kyleena

    • Non-Hormonal IUD: Paragard

  • Nexplanon (formerly known as Implanon, a sub-dermal implant in the arm)

  • Birth Control Pills, Nuvaring, patches

  • DepoProvera Injections

  • Diaphragm and cervical cap fittings

  • Natural family planning instruction


Under the Affordable Care Act (aka “Obamacare”), most plans cover contraceptive visits, devices, and prescriptions in full, not subject to deductible or cost-share. We schedule ample time for our contraception counseling visits to help you find the right method for your body, lifestyle, and preferences. We perform removals of the above-mentioned devices as well, and have the tools and experience to do removals of IUDs where the string is absent as well.

We help you navigate insurance coverage.

Our office staff can help you navigate the sometimes confusing world of insurance coverage and can provide clear answers to questions about out-of-pocket cost for care.

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