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Optimize your health with Nutrition Counseling

At Geneva Woods, we approach nutrition how we approach all health care:

We focus on the whole person, using the bio-psycho-social model to help your find the best solutions for your unique needs.


Our nutritionist, Kiana Holland, is not beholden to any specific way of eating (keto, paleo, vegan, GF, etc.), and is thus able to give the most current, evidence-based guidance on how to improve one’s nutrition, without bias in favor of any specific dietary dogma. She takes the time to get a picture of a person’s lifestyle, food preferences, goals, time constraints, and financial means, so that she can make recommendations that clients can incorporate into their lives without struggle or stress.

There has never been more misinformation and fear-mongering around food and specific ingredients aimed at the public than there is in the present moment, thanks to social media. It can be hard for folks to know what is truly best for their health, and what they truly need to avoid. It is an unfortunate fact that MDs, DOs, NPs and PAs receive essentially almost no nutrition training whatsoever in their schooling (even family practice), so they are often incapable of giving any but the most vague advice about how to improve one’s nutrition, unless they have pursued continuing education in this specific field. Naturopathic Doctors can be great sources of information on nutrition, but many have biases in favor of specific ways of eating (e.g. gluten-free, vegan, fully-organic, etc) that may be burdensome and/or overly restrictive for many folks, and often recommend supplements, some of which have good evidence behind their use, and some of which do not.

Aside from some herbal galactagogues specifically for breastmilk supply, our office does not sell supplements, which is just one of many ways in which we aim to avoid conflicts of interest in the recommendations we make to clients. We also do not resell lab tests, such as for hormone levels or food allergies, so any testing recommendations we make are from third party labs who bill insurance directly for their testing. A Registered Dietician like Kiana can help you make a plan that works for you and your life for whatever your goals may be. As a Certified Personal Trainer, she can also make exercise recommendations alongside her nutrition counseling, so can truly be a one-stop-shop for those looking to optimize their health!

Kiana is in the credentialing process with all private payers, but is thus far only in network with Aetna. She is also enrolled in Medicaid as a provider. It should be noted that while Alaska Medicaid normally doesn’t cover nutrition therapy codes for anyone over 18, they do cover a large number of visits for pregnant recipients. Whether it’s for the management of gestational diabetes, or just for improving nutrient intake during pregnancy and learning lifelong health maintenance habits for afterwards, we are happy to provide nutrition care to Medicaid recipients during their pregnancies! 

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Kiana Holland
Kiana Holland

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Kiana is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who earned her undergraduate and graduate degrees in Dietetics & Nutrition from the University of Alaska Anchorage. Kiana also has her personal trainer certification through NASM. As a lifelong Alaskan, Kiana is passionate about providing her community with nutrition counseling and education for a variety of conditions: diabetes, gastrointestinal diseases, cardiovascular health, weight loss/gain/maintenance, prenatal nutrition, among many others. She has experience working in both inpatient and outpatient settings, and is looking forward to providing information on a whole-health approach to nutrition for Geneva Woods’ clients. Outside of work, Kiana enjoys hiking, xc skiing, cooking, participating in local recreational league sports, and singing in the Anchorage Concert Chorus. She and her husband just welcomed their first baby December, 2023. In 2024 she looks forward to working on her CLC and shadowing Jen, our IBCLC, with the goal of eventually becoming an IBCLC and helping moms and families nourish both themselves and their little ones.

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