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Woman in labor

Our goals are happy moms, healthy babies, and families strengthened by the childbirth experience

At Geneva Woods Birth Center, our mission is to meet the emotional, physical, and spiritual needs of our clients, and to provide the physical space – whether in the birth center or hospital - where women can trust in birth and in the power of their own bodies.

Birthing at The Nest

Geneva Woods Birth Center at The Nest is a ‘closed facility’ meaning that only our midwives have privileges, so having your doctor or your midwife from another practice deliver your baby at Geneva Woods Birth Center is not an option. Our practice does accept transfers of care, even in the third trimester, as long as we have enough time to establish a trusting relationship.

Can I give birth at The Nest?

You are the perfect candidate for giving birth at The Nest if:

  • You are low-risk

  • You plan a natural birth without medication

  • You are between 37-42 weeks pregnant

  • You have a normal pregnancy without complications

  • You have good support at home

  • Your labor progresses normally


That’s it. It’s pretty simple. It’s safe for most women to have their baby in a birth center because 85% of women are low risk. 

Water birth

Water birth is becoming increasingly popular throughout the US, and for good reason! Warm water is soothing and comforting, and quite effective as a pain management tool in natural birth.

Is It Safe?

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding water birth in the last few years, with the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists issuing a 2014 Opinion Statement denouncing the practice as ‘experimental’ and suggesting it should only be offered in the context of clinical trials. The American College of Nurse-Midwives (ACNM), American Association of Birth Centers (AABC), and the Royal College of Midwives (RCM) all disagree with this position, and have endorsed it as a safe, evidence-based option.

Read more about the evidence on the safety of waterbirth.

Laboring and Birthing Tubs

While all three major hospitals in Anchorage have at least one tub, they are strictly for laboring only, and women are prohibited from giving birth in them. Therefore, a birthing center or your home are the only places where you can have a water birth in Anchorage.

Our Birth Center

Geneva Woods Birth Center waiting room

Family Room

Our family area is cozy and comfortable. We have toys and books for kids, and a microwave, hot pot, coffee machine and fridge for family use. We encourage women to eat and drink freely in labor as well as before going home with their newborn.

Hummingbird room birthing room

The Hummingbird Room

The Hummingbird Room faces East 42nd, and with its higher ceilings and large windows it is by far the lightest and airiest room - but can also be made very cozy with the shades drawn and the fireplace-style heater turned on.

Hummingbird room bathroom

The Hummingbird Room Bathroom

The Hummingbird Room bathroom features a large shower with an endless supply of hot water, as well as a bidet.

Swallow room birthing room

The Swallow Room

The Swallow Room has its own shower and private restroom. We do ultrasounds and non-stress tests in here, as well as breastfeeding support visits, and we can also use it as a "step down" room for families wishing to stay a little longer than normal after discharge.

Room with birthing tub in birth center

The Ptarmigan Room

The Ptarmigan Room has a queen bed, tub, and bathroom with shower and bidet. This room is comfortable and cozy, with a south-facing view of the many trees that surround our birth center. Patients love The Ptarmigan Room’s egg-shaped tub. It's the perfect size and shape for laboring and giving birth in comfort.

Shower in Ptarmigan room birthing room

The Ptarmigan Room's Bathroom

The Ptarmigan Room also has a shower and bidet. Using a birth ball in the shower is a great way to ease the intensity of the contractions and also opens up the pelvis.

Nitronox in Ptarmigan Room

The Nitronox Unit in the Ptarmigan Room

We added an electric fireplace heater to the Ptarmigan room as well, since it proved so popular in the Hummingbird room. The Nitronox unit can go into either room, bringing relaxation and relief during those tough moments in labor where you "hit the wall." Nitrous has no effects on baby and it is cleared from mom's system in a matter of minutes after breathing room air. It has been widely used in Europe for labor pain relief for close to four decades, so its safety and efficacy is well-documented.

Neopuff Infant Resuscitation device in birth center

Neopuff Infant Resuscitation System

We are the only birth center in Anchorage with a "Neopuff" infant resuscitation system. This is what major hospitals use, as it allows for greater control of the pressure into the baby's lungs as well as the ability to mix oxygen and room air in any proportion desired. Fewer than 1% of infants require resuscitation, but if and when the need arises, we provide the best system available.

Woman meditating

Freedom to Move & Take Your Time

Happy pregnant woman

Evidence-Based Care

pregnant woman in flower

Birthing Tub & Warm Shower

meditating woman breathing

Natural Pain Management

mother with newborn

Immediate Bonding With Baby

Our Birth Approach

 Our Midwives 

Geneva Woods midwife Barbara Norton
Barbara Norton, CNM, WHCNP, MSN, CNS

Birth Center Founder, Midwife

Barbara has been a nurse since 1978, a nurse practitioner since 1985, and a midwife since 1994. She is a graduate of the University of Nevada, Reno and the University of California, San Francisco. Barbara worked as a Women’s Health Care Nurse Practitioner for 9 years (1985-1994) before becoming a midwife. During that time she worked in a variety of settings honing her skills in contraceptive management, menopausal counseling, and irregular menstrual bleeding. She opened her own private midwifery and women's health care practice in Anchorage in 1995, but left that practice in 2015 to start a smaller, more cozy and intimate practice. She was a recipient of the 2016 YWCA Women of Achievement award and in 2017 she won the Chamber of Commerce's Athena Award for her business acumen and for mentoring other women to be successful in business. Barbara has been affiliated with the University of Alaska, teaching nurse practitioner students, and has served on many community boards, including the Board of Certified Direct Entry Midwives and the Alaska Women’s Gold Nugget Triathlon. She currently serves on the American Association of Birth Center board as Secretary. She has been married to Bradley Cruz since 1979 and has two daughters who both live in Anchorage, and three grandchildren, all born at Geneva Woods Birth Center Barbara enjoys traveling, hiking, trail running, triathlon, reading, cooking, and spending time with her kids and their families.

Sarah Schultz, APRN, CNM


Sarah joined our practice in summer of 2022. She was previously a CNM in an OB-owned practice in Lansing, Michigan, attending hospital births. She graduated with her MSN/CNM degree from Frontier Nursing University in 2018. She earned her BSN/RN at Baker College, and worked as an RN for several years before attending graduate school. While working as an RN in the Labor and Delivery Unit of the hospital, she grew weary of watching the ways in which highly medicalized birth – even for low-risk women – resulted in dissatisfying and sometimes even downright traumatic birth experiences for patients, and she knew she wanted to be part of a different model of maternity care. She is currently working on her Doctor of Nursing Practice through Frontier Nursing University, and is thoroughly enjoying discovering Alaska and all the different outdoor activities and communities here.

Geneva Woods midwife Sarah Schultz
Geneva Woods midwife Camille Clements, CNM
Camille Clements, CNM, APRN


Camille will be joining the Geneva Woods team in July 2021. She obtained her MSN at Frontier Nursing University and completed her clinical work in a midwifery lead hospital system in Idaho. Growing up in northwest Georgia, she earned her BSN and nurse training at Jacksonville State University in Alabama. Camille is coming to us from Cheyenne, WY, where she has lived for 8 years, working as a nurse in case management, Med/Surg, and hospice. Called to midwifery by a less than traditional route, Camille does not lack passion when it pertains to birth and family care. Per her words, “I want to support birthing people in a way that empowers them. I feel passionate about the importance of supporting physiologic birth and providing inclusive reproductive care.” In her spare time, Camille enjoys reading, knitting, gardening, and baking. She and her spouse have two dogs and a cat and are excited to explore the beautiful nature of Alaska while hiking and camping.

Jenna Falter, CNM


Jenna joined our practice in August of 2022, after moving up to Alaska with her family from Michigan. Born in Minnesota, Jenna graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Biology and Chemistry, met her husband, and moved to MI to pursue a nursing career. While doing research for her own labor and birth, she discovered the ‘Midwifery Model of Care,’ ultimately leading her to pursue a Masters in Midwifery. She received her MSN/CNM from Frontier Nursing University in 2022, during which time she also worked as a Triage RN in an OB/midwifery practice in Lansing, MI. Her clinical rotation concluded with her own infant son being her last “catch” of the preceptorship, which was supervised by Sarah Schultz, CNM. She loves taking care of women, girls and people through menarche, pregnancy, birth and menopause, and is passionate about empowering clients by helping align their understanding of self with evidence-based clinical knowledge. She thoroughly enjoys connecting with clients and families, and strives to provide individualized wellness. Outside of the clinic, Jenna is enjoying exploring the many outdoor Alaskan activities and opportunities with her husband and three children.

Geneva Woods midwife Jenna_Falter, CNM

Geneva Woods Birth Center is one of the best experiences I have ever had with healthcare. They are very receptive to their patients’ needs and do a wonderful job answering questions. We had an amazing birth experience here! All the staff and midwives are compassionate and provide the best care possible...

B. Fernstrom
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