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The #1 recommended birth center by Alaska providers.

Our Anchorage midwives have welcomed over 1,800 babies safely into the world since 2002.

Geneva Woods Birth Center is the first nationally accredited birth center in Anchorage.

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Feel seen and heard, no matter how long it takes.

Meditating pregnant woman

Trust in birth and the power of your body.

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A more holistic approach to women’s health care

Evidence-based care that empowers women

Our clients have lower cesarean birth rates, fewer medical interventions and higher rates of breastfeeding satisfaction and success.

Your Journey

Women are increasingly looking for alternatives to large-practice physicians and Western-medicine style models of care. At Anchorage’s Geneva Woods Birth Center and Women’s Wellness at The Nest, we offer a middle ground between the medical model provided by doctors and the alternative model provided by naturopaths, no matter where you are in your journey.

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Quality time with our midwives and evidence-based care

Happy woman and baby
Postpartum & Lactation Care

Holistic care as you begin your journey into motherhood

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Menopause Support

Specialized care and a variety of treatment approaches

Nutrition counseling at Geneva Woods
Nutrition Counseling

A focus on the whole person

Mom and newborn at Geneva Woods
Labor and Birth

Feel safe, nurtured and in charge of your birth experience

Well woman exam at Geneva Woods
Women's Wellness

Compassionate, individualized care for women of all ages

Pelvic floor physical therapy
Pelvic PT

Individualized treatment based on your symptoms

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Sexual Health

Supporting, treating and empowering


I am SO grateful we chose these midwives and this midwifery. I had personally never had any experience with a midwife before, and, admittedly I was a little skeptical at first, given that i was raised in a family of doctors, dentists, and lawyers. We had a chance to meet all of the midwives during our process, who were all stellar, and we were lucky enough to have our labor and delivery undertaken with Molly and Camille. (They) made the right decisions every step of the way. They kept us informed, and their availability was outstanding! I have a happy, healthy, little baby girl, and I'm so happy I chose these professionals. I strongly recommend this midwifery above all others. If I could give 10 stars, I would.

Blake F.Q.

Can’t speak highly enough about Geneva Woods Birth Center. I switched to the center about halfway through my pregnancy and I’m so glad I did. They had my back from everyday pregnancy concerns to serious issues during my hospital delivery and everything in between. They explained things clearly, presented options, and offered excellent follow-up care. And at my 6-week checkup, they focused on my personal wellness in a way that I deeply appreciated.

Bottom line: I received fantastic care during the most intense experiences of my life! Go here!

Amanda D.

Geneva Woods delivered top-notch care across the board – midwives, physical therapists, and lactation consultants – a stellar team! Their personalized care demonstrated a profound understanding of my needs. They surpassed all of my expectations. My heartfelt thanks for the outstanding care that made my prenatal and birthing experience genuinely special.

Joy B.

I had my son at GWBC a little over a year ago, and it was such an incredible, powerful, and beautiful experience! The midwifery team I had was so wonderful, and I felt so confident and safe in their care. This was my first birth and I greatly appreciated the time the midwives spent with me during my appointments. I actually never saw a nurse or medical assistant, the appointments were 100% with the midwife. I would absolutely recommend this birth center and team of midwives to any mothers looking to take their birth experience outside of the hospital. GWBC is family focused and during labor, allows the mother to take reign of her birth. There is no pressure to do things a certain way, the mother's intuition is able to guide her through her journey.

McKenna W.

Empowering health care for Alaskan women

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